Nasser Zafzafi

Entwicklung der ländlichen Gebiete in Marokko







Nasser Zefzafi or Zefzafi (Berber: Naṣer Azefzaf, Arabic: ناصر الزفزافي‎, born on November 04, 1979 in Al Hoceima) is a Moroccan political activist, who has been described as the leader of the protest movement in the Rif and the city of Al Hoceima, commonly known as Hirak Rif (Riffian movement). On May 29, 2017 he was arrested by the Moroccan police and charged with a list of crimes such as undermining state security, disrespecting the king and receiving funds from abroad used for plots to destabilize the country. These crimes might amount to life imprisonment. He is currently being defended by a team of lawyers, which include Moroccan politician and former Minister, Mohammed Ziane.
The arrest of Zefzafi sparked a wave of protests across the Rif and other parts of Morocco, and in the Moroccan community abroad. Protests which were often countered with police violence and counter-protest organized by the palace to suppress those sympathizing with Zefzafi.
On June 26, 2018, Zefzafi received a 20-year imprisonment along with the other detainees, including Benjaloun and Ahamjik after numerous cancelled trials since their detention. This verdict created waves of social discontent and sparked outrage among Moroccans.


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