‘We are the Pope!’ proclaimed Bild’s headline on 19 April 2005, when Joseph Ratzinger became Benedict XVI. And somehow this still seems to be the case: Pope Francis holds first place in the influence ranking for the German-speaking area, which is informed largely by discussions taking place in Germany. Pope Emeritus Benedict also still appears among the top spots. Beyond this, the list for Germany, Austria and Switzerland has a strong international flavour: the second, third and fifth places are occupied by Germany’s Karl Lagerfeld, Herta Müller and Werner Herzog, who are not only well-recognised in their own country but also enjoy a global presence. More locally based players such as the authors Hans Magnus Enzensberger and Diedrich Diederichsen don’t make it past 20th place. The only Swiss figure to make the top 25 is in 11th place: the Basel architect Peter Zumthor.