Christoph Blocher

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Christoph Blocher (German pronunciation: [ˈkrɪ⁠stɔ⁠f ˈblɔ⁠⁠xər]; born 11 October 1940) is a Swiss politician, industrialist, and former member of the Swiss Federal Council heading the Federal Department of Justice and Police (2004–2007). He served as vice president of the Swiss People’s Party until 24 March 2018. As an industrialist, he became very wealthy as CEO and majority shareholder in the EMS-Chemie corporation, now run by his daughter, Magdalena Martullo-Blocher.A controversial figure, Blocher is known for his role in transforming Swiss politics, shifting it to the right, as well as the Swiss People’s Party, which “developed a eurosceptic and anti-immigration agenda that has shaken up the cozy post-war consensual system prevailing in neutral Switzerland,” and has become “the dominant force in national politics.” In addition, Blocher served as the de facto leader of the SVP and a symbol of the party.


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