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Zhu Dake (Chinese: 朱大可; pinyin: Zhū Dàkě; born in 1957) is a Chinese scholar, cultural critic and essayist. He was born in Shanghai and his family was originally from Wuping, Fujian Province. He was educated in the department of Chinese language of East China Normal University and then was awarded a PhD in University of Technology, Sydney in Australia. He has also been a visiting scholar at the University of Sydney.Rising to prominence in the mid-1980s, he was an important spokesman of the avant-garde culture. As a professor at Tongji University, working in its graduate school of cultural criticism, he is now engaged in the study and criticism of Chinese culture. He is considered adept in expressing his rational knowledge and determination toward the maintenance and development of the current culture with his advanced and sharp thoughts as well as his unique style of language. He was listed in “50 Top Chinese Influencing the World’s Future” by the weekly magazine Phoenix Life.


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