Mohammad Habib Al Marzouki

Humanitarian Perspective of Koran

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Mohamed Habib Marzouki (Arabic: محمد الحبيب المرزوقي‎; also, Abu Yaareb al-Marzouki and Abou Yaareb al-Marzouki; born 29 March 1947) is a Tunisian academic, philosopher and translator. Along intellectual work, he involved in politics for a short time following the Jasmine revolution. However, by the time he resigned, he declared his intention to step out of political work for good and count on writing to incite social change.A central theme of Marzouki’s thought is reconciling, or even unifying, between philosophy and religion. According to him, this is the only possible way to bring about actual reform in the Islamic world in particular, and the world in general. To achieve this, he argues, muslim nations must overcome the ideas of Arabic Renaissance so that they can resume what he calls their current civilizational mission in the context of globalization.


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