Raja Al Gurg

Dubai Businesswoman

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Raja Al Gurg is a businesswoman who lives in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.She is the Managing Director of the
Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group and a Board Member of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Raja Easa Al Gurg has been ranked 28th
in the Arab Power 2018 listing of the 100 Most Powerful Arabs, compiled by Gulf Business
magazine rising from the previous ranking in 2017. She was the
most powerful Emirati Businesswoman in Forbes Middle East’s 2017 ranking and the third most influential businesswoman in the Arab world in
Forbes Middle East’s 100 Most Powerful Arab Businesswomen for 2017, ranking. She was listed 90th among ‘The World’s 100 Most
Powerful Women’ by Forbes for 2017.


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