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Regula Stämpfli (born 11 January 1962 in Berne) is a Swiss born political scientist based in Brussels.Stämpfli’s childhood was spent in Switzerland. Her teenage years were spent in California, USA. She returned to Switzerland for college, studying history and political philosophy. She continued her studies in New York.Stämpfli holds a doctorate in political science and also studied history and philosophy at the University of Bern.
She is the author of many textbooks and articles dealing with issues such as democratic theory, European political decision making, women’s history, design, political communications and political philosophy. She is also a well known political commentator on current affairs in Switzerland.Stämpfli is a columnist who writes on topics such as politics, philosophy, history, art and design. She is also an independent expert for the European Commission.Dr. Regula Staempfli teaches History, Political Science and Political Philosophy at several Swiss and European educational institutions, including the University of Bern and Zurich. She is currently working as a political scientist in Brussels and as a part-time Professor at the Swiss College for Journalism in Lucerne. Since 1988, she has worked as a lecturer at the Media Training Center (CNAC) in Lucerne. Stämpfli is a member of the Ethics Council of Switzerland’s official statistics, the Advisory Board of the International Forum of Design in Ulm, the Foundation Board of the Gosteliarchive and the University Council of the University of Applied Sciences Cologne. She is a columnist for Radio1 in Zuerich, the Politics-Expert for Radio 24 in Zurich, Media-Expert for, the German feminist magazine “Emma” and Columnist for “Sonntag” and “Leben&Glauben”.


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