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"Revolution 2.0"

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Wael Ghonim (Arabic: وائل غنيم‎, romanized: Wā’il Ghunīm. born 23 December 1980) is an Internet activist and computer engineer with an interest in social entrepreneurship.In 2011, he became an international figure and galvanized pro-democracy demonstrations in Egypt after his emotional interview following 11 days of secret incarceration by Egyptian police. During these 11 days, he was interrogated regarding his work as one of two administrators of the Facebook page, “We are all Khaled Said”, which helped spark the Egyptian Revolution of 2011. Time magazine included him in its “Time 100” list of the 100 most influential people of 2011, and the World Economic Forum selected him as one of the Young Global Leaders in 2012.Ghonim is the author of Revolution 2.0: The power of people is greater than the people in power (2013). In 2012, he founded Tahrir Academy, a technology focused NGO that aims to foster education in Egypt. In 2015, Ghonim co-founded Parlio, a social media platform that was acquired by Quora in March 2016. He is currently a non-resident senior fellow at Harvard’s Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation.


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