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Confucian Renaissance

Image source: Confucian Church (孔教会), Chen Huanzhang (?)
Chen Huanzhang, “Bailu shuyuan yu Kongjiao zonghuitang” 白洞书院与孔教总会堂. JSB, Vol.1, No.1 (January 1922). Tay Wei Leong: Saving the Chinese Nation and the World (2012).

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The Confucian church (Chinese: 孔教会; pinyin: Kǒng jiàohuì or pinyin: Rú jiàohuì) is a Confucian religious and social institution of the congregational type. It was first proposed by Kang Youwei (1858–1927) in the last years of the 19th century, as a state religion of Qing China on the model of Europe.The “Confucian church” model was later continued amongst overseas Chinese communities, who established independent Confucian churches active on the local level, especially in Indonesia and the United States.
In contemporary China, since 2000, there has been a revival of Confucianism with the proliferation of Confucian academies (Chinese: 书院; pinyin: shūyuàn), the opening and reopening of temples of Confucius, the new phenomenon of grassroots Confucian communities or congregations (Chinese: 社区儒学; pinyin: shèqū rúxué) and renewed talks about a national “Confucian church”. A national Holy Confucian Church (Chinese: 孔圣会; pinyin: Kǒngshènghuì) was established with the participation of many Confucian leaders on November 1, 2015; the current spiritual leader is Jiang Qing.


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