Networks 2013

The complexity of the Thought Leader analysis increases with each annual survey. In 2013, English-language Wikipedia is included alongside the blogosphere for the first time. The result is two different networks mapping 145 thinkers.

English Language Area: Websphere

2013 Global Thought Leader network in the blogosphere. All researched candidates are represented by a red dot, while yellow stands for the sources in which they are referenced.

English Language Area: Wikisphere

2013 Global Thought Leader Network in the wikisphere. Red dots stand for people, pink dots for concepts, terms or institutions.

English Language Area: Excerpt form the Wikisphere

2013 Global Thought Leaders in the wikisphere (excerpt). The strong position (as compared to other spheres) held by the leftist linguist Noam Chomsky indicates an active fan club among Wikipedia authors.

English Language Area: Excerpt from the Websphere

2013 Global Thought Leaders in the blogosphere (excerpt). Like-minded thinkers arrange themselves in close proximity to one another, while opponents keep their distance in the network – a kind of thought leader filter bubble.