Networks 2016

This year we analize six different language areas. The network pictures show the 30 best ranked thought leaders in the internet infosphere in each language area and the 30 most important media, that connect the thought leaders to each other.

Global Area: English Websphere

‘The last will be first’ proclaims the Gospel of Matthew. A glance at the world’s most influential thinkers shows us that the Bible is right once again. Why? Because four religious thinkers are among the top six figures in the GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute’s Global Thought Leader ranking.
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German Language Area: Websphere

Germans with international influence are at the top of the ranking for the German language area. By contrast, local heroes such as Diedrich Diederichsen fail to make it into the top spots.
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Hispanic Language Area: Websphere

¡Es la cultura, estúpido! Debate in the Spanish-speaking realm is shaped to an especially high degree by the major artists. Several top positions in the influence ranking go to directors and authors.
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Swiss German Language Area: Websphere

The so-called ‘Röstigraben’ German-French cultural divide in Switzerland is also visible on the internet, particularly at the top of the Swiss ranking list, where few French-speaking Swiss thinkers are visible.
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Arabic Language Area: Websphere

The Arab Spring has laid bare deep divisions in the Arabic world, and the traces of this revolution are also visible in our rankings.
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Chinese Language Area: Websphere

China is different. So different that there are not one but two rankings for this cultural region. The first is based on the same criteria as other regions and therefore it can be shown as a network graphic.
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